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Re: C library for numerical analysis and math

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If you want it to be widely usable, then I would also suggest packaging 
your software in .rpm format.  I know a lot of people who work as 
sys-admins on Linux systems, and they feel much better when software is in 
.rpm, because that's what they know.  

> I'll get on making the page at source forge also i'll make a more
> detailed comparison between octave and my library which i'm calling
> matlib. 

Yes, and put on your page a very detailed description of what your 
software does, what platforms it runs on, and so on.  It would also be a 
good idea to detail what tests you've run that indicate your software is 
better than what exists.  

I advise you to find a different name for your software.  There are a 
couple of things out there that have the name "matlib", and it will create 
confusion with "matlab", a commercial product.  Pick something that will 
stand out, like cheetamath.  

> afraid that people would copy-paste the source. (again that happens alot
> where i'm from)

Where _are_ you from, just out of curiosity?

Good luck in what you're doing.  Realize that what you're striving for (a 
math library that does everything, completely optimized) is the Holy Grail 
of scientific computing.  Speaking as one who works in that area, when you 
do have a product ready to demo, there will be lots of people interested 
in what you have.  

Good luck!  Sincerely,

Craig Steffen

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