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Re: RFS: fig2sxd

Hi again,

> W: fig2sxd source: newer-standards-version 3.6.0

I cannot reproduce this. I have installed lintian 1.22.9, but it does not
give this warning. How do you get this? Anyway, after reading the
changelog for debian-policy I decided to put Standards-Version:
into debain/control.

> E: fig2sxd: no-copyright-file
> And really, it isn't installed. Why have you commented dh_installdocs?

Well, this is a good question! I think I thought it was going to try to
install some documentation, which does not exist except for the man page;
I did not think of the copyright file. Anyway, it's uncommented again.

I put the files to sourceforge again. I also signed them now - am I
supposed to do that? To me it seems quite useless now, as even if I would
make the public key accessible, nobody knows that it's mine.

Kind regards,


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