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Sponsor for new applicant - packaging Balance


I'm looking for a sponsor to look over a package I have created of the balance proxy - http://balance.sourceforge.net It's a really simple program - 1 binary and 1 man page - but it is enormously useful. It is part of our standard build.

I am the System Administrator at a high profile, if small, UK hosting company. As part of my job role I have built and I maintain a number of Debian packages for our internal purposes. When I realised that there doesn't appear to be a Debian package for balance I saw that as a possible opportunity to publish an improved version of my package and become a Debian developer. I have permission from the upstream author to do so.

Balance itself is GPLd and so complies with the social contract.

I am looking for a sponsor to check and hopefully upload my package and possibly to be my advocate later in my application process.

Any offers? All help gratefully appreciated..


James Jeffrey

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