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Pre-RFS: axkit (orphaned), latex-xft-fonts

I could use the help of a DD to confirm that the packages I am building
are structurally fit for upload.  I think I'm doing the right thing with
pbuilder, but I expect there are subtleties.

There are three packages available at http://www-static.sane.net/ (each
group of pbuilder results in a separate directory):


The axkit packages are orphaned and I hope to adopt them; a couple of
volunteers have offered to test them, and more are welcome.  Once I am
satisfied that I didn't break them, I'll request a sponsor for an upload.

The latex-xft-fonts package is new; its purpose is to fill a gap in the
fonts needed by the LyX Qt frontend.  Perhaps a DD would be so kind as to
look at it and see what needs to be done for it to be fit to upload.

The lyx packages are an update to Piotr Roszatycki's work; Piotr, I've
made a pass through the bug list and identified a bunch that are very
likely to be fixed or unreproducible with the current version, and listed
them in my changelog entry.  I intend to test this myself over the next
few days; when I am satisfied with it, I will pull out my changes as a
patch and send them to you.  Hopefully I can track down the two RC bugs
without inducing a regression.

There are a lot of old bugs filed against LyX, and I am sure many are long
since fixed in the upstream.  Testers will be welcome, especially in
non-English locales, but be warned that I haven't tested them yet myself.

- Michael

[Piotr, I copied you as the lyx maintainer; please let me know if I'm
duplicating work you've done.  I started from your lyx-1.3.3-0.1
experimental package.]

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