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Re: Need a mentor with a !x86 machine

Bob Proulx wrote:
John Lightsey wrote:

If anyone with a non-x86 machine would like to take a look again and give feedback on wheter or not it compiles properly, I'd really appreciate it. The build logs that I recieved were very helpfull.

I grabbed that and gave it another run.  There are still -O9
references in the Makefile.in.  The Makefile.am was cleaned up and so
if the Makefile.in was regenerated or patched then that problem would
be resolved.  Those caused gcc to SIGSEGV during the compile.  I am
running a slightly old gcc-3.3 at the moment and that might be fixed
already.  But I believe you need to either regenerate the Makefile or
force a distclean at the start.

He has updated the packages now. I'm compiling for him on sparc and hppa. They both compiled fine today.

David J. M. Karlsen - +47 90 68 22 43

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