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RFM: avrdude - Programmer for Atmel AVR microcontrollers

This tool is the successor of the old avrprog shipped with woody. I'm already 
done packaging it and would be happy to get some comments on my work.
You can find the files at http://mitglied.lycos.de/tenbahrt/debian


 Description: Programmer for Atmel AVR microcontrollers
  Avrdude is the new name for avrprog. It is a FLASH/EEPROM programmer for
  Atmel's family of AVR 8-bit RISC microcontrollers.  It can program the
  Atmel AT89, AT90, ATTINY and ATMEGA series microcontrollers.  It supports
  many different programming devices including Atmel's own AVR development
  board and in-circuit programming.
  For more information, see http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/avrdude/

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