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Re: Is it better with fewer packages than a minimum of dependencies?

Hi, Jörgen Hägg wrote:

> What is the opinion about this, minimize the number of packages
> or the number of dependencies?

Example: The monitor system can watch a web server, a news server and an
mail server.

So if I only want to monitor my email server, should I also install INN
(i.e. a news server) just to make the script happy?  IMHO: No, and
neither will Joe Random User be happy about that. So in that case you
should definitely create a monitor-inn package.

Different example: The monitor system can watch these servers. To do so
it requires libhtml.so, libnntp.so and libsmtp.so. Is installing these
support libraries a problem for anybody? IMHO: No; they're reasonably
small and apt(itude) will delete them automagically when no longer needed.

For borderline examples (libkerberos.so, which requires a bunch of
configuration and will confuse people if they don't have a Kerberos
server; libldap.so might be another example) I'd either create a separate
package, or I'd put the library in Recommends: and dynamically decide at
runtime whether Kerberos/LDAP is monitorable.

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