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Re: Debconf problem: Question asked twice

Frank Küster wrote:
> It wasn't me ;-) One of the maintainers of tetex brought up a
> modification to fix a bug which altered the seen flag, and I wanted to
> suggest a somewhat different approach. I agree, however, with Atsuhito
> that the question has to be shown again to anybody who has answered it
> before, because there were some non-debconf'ed defaults we now
> integrated _and_ changed. 
> > unless you know *exactly*
> > what you're doing. Since you see the question twice, you don't.
> > debconf-devel(5) for details.
> I had only faintly in mind that the config script is run twice... I've
> had a look at other config scripts that use the fset ... seen command,
> but they all do this "internally", i.e. only in internal checking loops
> etc. 
> For tetex-bin, however, we need to set the flag for every user. I think
> the only solution is to create an additional question that's only used
> internally to store the information wether the setting of the flag has
> been done yet.

I'm sorry I was short with you earlier. I try to be more helpful on

Really the only sane way to use the seen flag is if there is a peice of
external state that you can check before setting the flag. Some good
candidates are:

 - some program is failing, so you know it's ok to set the seen flag and
   display an error (note)
 - a file has a particular value, and you always modify this file to
   have some other value after setting the flag

I'd be leery of using a debconf question as your semaphore, but I
suppose it might work. If you're going this route you could just make
up your own flag and add it to the question whose seen flag you are

see shy jo

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