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Re: Some debconf questions

Frank Küster wrote:
> It isn't, or rather Joey has misunderstood me - he probably knows every
> piece of code by heart.

Hardly, and obviously not. I'd forgotten about the seen flag cache used
in making it easier to do scripts that back up. Besides, it's 30kloc.. ;-)

> Seen (after seeing in fact): false
> Seen (after setting): true
> frank@alhambra:~$ 
> i.e after manipulating the seen flag to false, it is _not_ changed by
> debconf when it in fact shows the questions - the script has to manually
> revert its manipulation.

As soon as the script exits (or you call STOP), debconf will roll the
changes to the seen flag that are cached when questions are displayed.
Manually modifying seen flags after a question is seen will invalidate
the entry in the seen cache for that question, so your changes will

It could be considered a bug that debconf does not pull values out of
the seen cache when you ask for them with fget..

see shy jo

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