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Re: randomplay: command-line shuffle music player

* Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr> [2003-09-08 19:48:09 +0200]:
> You are aware that some mirror are already on the very limit of not
> having enough place on their 100Go partition for the debian archives
> and were asking for near term solutions.

  In point of fact I was not aware of that.  That's certainly a
legitimate issue, then.

> That said, a small (arch: all probably) script should probably not
> even be visible in the archive.

  I suppose you're right.  I guess apt-get.org is the right avenue to
pursue this kind of thing, then.  That way you get the benefit of having
all these other programs (even the "small" ones) packaged and easily
installable without exponentially increasing the load on the
distribution maintainers and mirror sponsors?

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