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Re: randomplay: command-line shuffle music player

* Brian Nelson <pyro@debian.org> [2003-09-08 07:19:08 -0700]:
> That is certainly not all that matters.  If every script anyone tried
> to write was included in Debian, Debian would collapse under its own
> weight.

  How?  I mean, as long as the package was maintained.  Although, if
you're talking about bandwidth and disk space expenses to the mirror
sponsors, then you do have a point there.  The phrase "collapse under
its own weight" suggests to me, though, that you're talking about
something else, ie something about coordinating things regardless of
data storage logistics.  I guess I'm not really an expert on how the
"Debian machine" ticks internally, but it seems like whatever system has
already scaled to 8-9000 packages should scale the same way up to 30K or
40K packages?

> I find it hard to believe any 340 line script would merit
> its own package.  I think it would be much more worthwhile to try to
> get it added to an existing package, such as one of the command-line
> players.

   While a solution like this is certainly preferable to not having
something in at all, I think it's a mistake to package different
programs with (potentially) different needs in the same deb.

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