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randomplay: command-line shuffle music player

I've written a fairly simple command-line shuffle music file player.
Despite its simplicity, I find it quite handy, and I don't think there's
any other package out there (in Debian or not) that does quite what it
does. The main feature is that it keeps track of which files have been
played across sessions; but it also has some nice ways to play your files
quickly from the command line. It's definitely a "scratch an itch" type

I'm wondering if something relatively simple (the script is about 340
lines of code) would be worth including in Debian.  

I'd also welcome any comments on the packaging or on the program itself.  

The project page is http://bostoncoop.net/adam/randomplay.  

DEB: http://bostoncoop.net/adam/blog/randomplay.deb 

or apt source: 

deb http://bostoncoop.net/adam/debian unstable main
deb-src http://bostoncoop.net/adam/debian unstable main

tarball: http://bostoncoop.net/adam/blog/randomplay.tar.gz
Adam Kessel

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