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Re: randomplay: command-line shuffle music player

On Mon, Sep 08, 2003 at 05:37:40AM +0200, Adam Borowski wrote:
> On Sun, 7 Sep 2003, Adam Kessel wrote:
> > I've written a fairly simple command-line shuffle music file player.
> > Despite its simplicity, I find it quite handy, and I don't think there's
> > any other package out there (in Debian or not) that does quite what it
> > does. The main feature is that it keeps track of which files have been
> > played across sessions; but it also has some nice ways to play your files
> > quickly from the command line. It's definitely a "scratch an itch" type
> > program.  
> Been there... my version is -shuffle +recursion.
> > I'm wondering if something relatively simple (the script is about 340
> > lines of code) would be worth including in Debian.  
> There is already something similar (music123), but that one is devoid of 
> the features I want, and consists of 1e38 source files and a 300KB binary 
> written in some completely inappropiate language (you can do that in a few 
> screenfulls of perl, you know).

There is quark also, which is a client/server design with both command
line and gnome system tray (err notification area that is now, maybe it
even works with any freedesktop notification areas) clients. It does
random and loop playing, but nothing much more, and is maybe a bit
feable/immature on handling playlists. Well, you can provide a simple
textual playlist file, or hand append files, but that's it. It also
doesn't die when you relaunch the X server, which is rather nice when
doing X driver work :)))

It also is a true C application, and not a bunches of script. It uses
libxine for playing sounds.


Sven Luther

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