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Re: First Packages

On Tue, Sep 02, 2003 at 10:13:44PM -0700, Derek Neighbors wrote:
> <derek> it looks like there is a RFP for mozilla-calendar and i don't
> see any packages for thunderbird (mozilla mail) or RFP for it....
> <derek> i wanted to start being useful and start packaging some things
> i use
> <derek> i use both of those, but am curious if they are a bit much to
> bite off for a first package
> <derek> so looking for some "opinion" here first
> <derek> if there is a better place to ask this please let me know

The source is a large crock of shit, because you need a big part of the
mozilla source to compile it.. and basically we already have 2 copies of
overlapping mozilla source in the archive. It might be a better idea to
talk to Eric Dorland (dorland@lords.com) about cooperating with him on
the calendar, since IIRC it uses mozilla/toolkit, the stuff used to
produce Mozilla Firebird.

I digress; I suggest you take a smaller package (hey! adopt a few
orphaned or RFA'd packages.. *hint wmweather+ hint*) first so you can
learn the ropes of bug tracking and package building completely. Then
perhaps you can try a more enterprising venture, mozilla-calendarward.

Joshua Kwan

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