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Re: RFS: LDAP Account Manager - 2nd try :)


I think there's already a lam source package in the archive (which builds the lam3 binary package, among others), and has been a lam binary package in the past, so you might have to pick a different name. LAM in this case standing for Local Area Multicomputer.

-- Keith

P.S. IANADD and I have been known to post stuff which is blatently false in the past. Just wanted to draw your attention to the lam3 package...

Roland Gruber wrote:
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Hi all,

thanks to Andreas Barth and Artur R. Czechowski for their explanations
about the packet system.

I am looking for a sponsor to upload my packages. The package will be
maintained by myself and I already submitted an ITP bug (#208406).
So I need a sponsor for checking the package and uploading it.

LAM is a tool to manage Samba and Unix accounts in (Open)LDAP. It is
written in PHP4 and should run on all architectures.


- - management of Unix user and group accounts (posixAccount/posixGroup)
- - management of Samba 2.x/3 user and host accounts
~  (sambaAccount/sambaSamAccount)
- - profiles for account creation
- - editor for organizational units (OU)
- - account creation via file upload
- - automatic creation/deletion of home directories
- - setting quotas
- - support for LDAP+SSL
- - multi-language support (English, German)
- - multiple configuration files
- - PDF output for user accounts

homepage: http://lam.sourceforge.net

Debian package: homepage or

short description: LDAP Account Manager (LAM) manages Unix and Samba
accounts in a LDAP directory.

long description: It runs on a webserver and is controlled via your
browser. It supports the Samba 2.x and Samba 3 schema. There is also a
script included which manages quota and homedirectories, you have to
setup sudo if you want to use it. LAM can be accessed at

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