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RE: Sponsor for popfile

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	I read the Debian Policy and didn't installed documentation in "/usr/lib". What I did was move the html manual out of the main program install dir and place it in "/usr/share/doc", but the web UI links to the manual so I placed a symbolic link.

		ln -fs /usr/share/doc/popfile/manual $(DESTDIR)/usr/lib/popfile/manual

	Now lintian says the link should be relative. Should I make it relative?

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> On Wed, Jul 30, 2003 at 04:14 -0300, Lucas Wall wrote:
> > Ok... Description fixed. I have some questions about the other two 
> > items.
> > 
> > Ah... I updated lintian to testing and notice several 
> errors. I'll fix 
> > them. I used to have one which I was not sure about. 
> Lintian complains 
> > that symbolic links should be relative, but the link is from 
> > "/usr/share/doc/popfile/manual" to 
> "/usr/lib/popfile/manual". Making 
> > it relative would make the link "more cryptic(?)". Should I 
> still make 
> > it relative?
> You shouldn't install documentation in /usr/lib in the first 
> place. Read the Chapter 12 of Debian Policy at:

You should have read the Debian Policy document thoroughly.

> Should I add the closes to the list of changes for the last version of 
> the package, or can I append it to the "Initial Release" line?

Put it in the changes list of the lastest version.

> Will the bug tracking system parse the whole file or just the changes 
> list for the latest version?

You shouldn't change the log of the previous versions anyway. A 'closes #nnnnnn' in the changes list of a previous version won't be considered.


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