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Re: Trying to make my first package...

* Julien Barnier (julien@nozav.org) wrote:
> Hello,
> As an exercise, I am trying to make my first Debian package using a
> Windowmaker dockapp called WMxmms. I think I almost succeeded to produce
> something that works, but I have three little questions.
> 1) I have a (boring) naming problem. The program is called WMxmms
> version 0.1.4, but I read that the convention is to lowercase the names
> of packages, so I chose to call it wmxmms-0.1.4. The problem is that the
> executable is called WMxmms, and there already is a program called
> wmxmms, which is part of the xmms package. The better way I found was to
> call the package wmxmms, and to let WMxmms as program name and menu
> entry, but there is a possible confusion with the "other" wmxmms
> program...
Have you checked if the wmxmms in xmms package isn't the same as your
WMxmms dockapp? From the manpage I see this:

,----[ wmxmms manpage ]
|    WMXMMS is a dock applet for the Window Maker window manager.  From
|    the applet  you  can  start and control xmms.


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