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Re: How to figure out the correct build-dependencies?

On Wed, 2003-07-02 at 16:23, Frank Küster wrote: 
> dh_shlibdeps nicely sorts out the libraries that a binary package
> depends on. Quite nicely, since I get "xlibmesa3 | libgl1", but there
> seems to be no package named libgl1. 

apt-cache showpkg libgl1, see the Reverse Provides .

> And how do I figure out the correct Build-dependencies:-line? Are there 
> any tools?
> Of course if I use some utilities not in build-essential, I have to know
> that myself and put them there. But what about libraries? Can I just
> assume that for every library in the Dependencies of my binary package,
> I need the respective libfoo-dev in Build-Dependencies?
> And if yes, what about "xlibmesa3 | libgl1", if libgl1 and libgl1-dev
> existed? Can I always assume that if the libraries can replace each
> other, then the dev-Packages can, too?

apt-cache showpkg libgl-dev :)

Build-Depend on something like xlibmesa-gl-dev | libgl-dev .

BTW, xlibmesa3 is old; if you aren't running sid, you should use
something like pbuilder with a sid chroot to build packages for upload.
That will also help verify that the build dependencies are correct.

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