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Howto revive the old Debian get-changelog cgi script?

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some time ago there was a script at
to fetch changelogs of debian packages (in [1] there is some info about it)
[1] http://kt.zork.net/debian/dd20010105_17.html#5

It is not available any more, and I want to have its functionality
revived. I'd like to have something like apt-listchanges, but before
I download a .deb, not afterwards. It is very helpful when you
are on a dialup connection and want to know what has changed in a package
before downloading it.

So, before tinkering with the debian machines and searching
for files, is there any suggestion on how to make this feasable?
And on what is the best Debian machine to run such cgi scripts?

Here are some possibilities I can think of:

1) Follow and parse one of the -changes lists, archive the changelogs in
   a machine-readable format, indexed by source/binary package.
2) Have an archive of all the changelog.Debian.gz files. This way I
   can reuse apt-listchanges functionality.
3) Have an archive of all the .deb files (ie an FTP mirror).
   Same as 2), only I have to extract the changelogs.

Ciao, Bastian

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