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Re: Howto revive the old Debian get-changelog cgi script?

[cc'ing debian-admin and debian-mentors does not make that much

Bastian Kleineidam wrote:
> Here are some possibilities I can think of:
> 1) Follow and parse one of the -changes lists, archive the changelogs in
>    a machine-readable format, indexed by source/binary package.
> 2) Have an archive of all the changelog.Debian.gz files. This way I
>    can reuse apt-listchanges functionality.
> 3) Have an archive of all the .deb files (ie an FTP mirror).
>    Same as 2), only I have to extract the changelogs.

cgi.debian.org runs on master, and has a local mirror mounted on
/mirror/debian - well, it has when the mirror machine is up, which
is not the case at the moment, but that's being worked on already.

Hence, I'd presume a little Perl script that extracts the changelog
from a .deb after locating it in the pool would be somewhat sufficient.
It would be wise if the script would be able to cache the requested
data since a) changelog files don't change over a day once katie
run and the mirror pulse is done, and b) that way the service is
more difficult to be abused (i.e. by a web crawler).

Apart from that, what happened to <http://changelogs.credativ.org/>
which was set up and maintained by Noèl Köthe?



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