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Re: libgtop2 NMU and advice asked.

> > The normal procedure is to rename the binary package to 
> > libgtop2-1 (it should probably have been libgtop2.0-1, but 
> > people seem to have their own tastes about this.)
> Ok, thanks for the info, and what is the procedure concerning this and
> NMUs ? Also, while this name change mean the package will linger in NEW
> for days, and not fix the corresponding RC bug during all this time ?

You can revert to the old package using an epoch so that it goes 
back to a known good version first, if you are pedantic, 
but I don't think it's worth it, since you are uploading a new package 
into unstable.

It's unfortunate but that's the price of being non-attentive when 
packaging libraries.

There are tools to address that issue, such as d-shlibs,
which gives out errors when things don't look right.
> > And then noting each maintainer to recompile against the new package,
> > and optionally doing a mass-NMU and uploading to DELAYED queue...
> So, doing it the hard way. Could anyone provide me a script or something
> to get all the problematix packages ? Would a apt-cache rdepends be
> enough for this :

I think that would be enough.
It would be obvious after the new package is installed, because they
will be uninstallable in unstable.


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