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libgtop2 NMU and advice asked.


I am currently preparing a NMU for libgtop2, which is broken and whose
maintainer told me has no time to fix right now.

Now, the problem was that the libgtop library moved from 0.so.0.0.1 to
0.so.1.0.1, and the install rules didn't catch this changes.

Now, if i understood this change right, it is because the major so
version did change from 0 to 1, right ? This means that all apps using
it need to be rebuilt with the new version, right ?

Are there any particularities i need to be aware of when doing this, and
how will i notify package which need to be rebuilt ?

(Currently reading the Policy document, but it doesn't say much about
this, is there another reference document speaking about shared lib
soname ?)


Sven Luther

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