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Machine access for NM Applicants.


I am not an official debian developer, but I maintain a couple of packages. One of them, kdirstat, is already in the official distribution. I intend to apply as a NM soon, but in the meantime, since the last update of kdirstat, I am having portability problems. I have no resources for confirming a fix the these problems. My sponser has access to the developer machines and can reproduce the problems on the other architectures, but hasn't had time to fix the failures or test my fixes. This list of debian machines: http://db.debian.org/machines.cgi, shows that some of the machines allow access by "all". There is no further explanation of who qualifies as "all", or how someone who is "all" can get access.

The debian-admin list is given at the Admin contact for these machines, but subscriptions are not open and archives are not available.

Can anyone tell me if I might qualify for access to these machines for debugging packaging portability problem purposes, and if how, how to get it.


Mike Schacht

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