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Re: Querying what packages are installed in postinst

On Tuesday 27 May 2003 11:53, José Luis Tallón wrote:
> >mozgest-mozilla:
> >         Depends: mozilla-browser
> >         Conflicts: mozgest-firebird, firebird
> >         Replaces: mozgest-firebird
> >         Provides: mozilla-gestures
> >
> >mozgest-firebird:
> >         Depends: firebird
> >         Conflicts: mozgest-mozilla, mozilla-browser
> >         Replaces: mozgest-mozilla
> >         Provides: mozilla-gestures
> >
> >
> >( and to finish it up: )
> >mozilla-gestures:
> >         Depends: mozgest-mozilla | mozgest-firebird

It's a bit much for too few. Just take a look at my mozilla-tabextensions 
package, for instance. I think this is the best way to handle the situation.

BTW, I'm currently writing a mozilla extensions mini-policy, which should be 
done by tomorrow, I'll send it on debian-devel for comments.

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