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Re: webCDwriter: Native vs. Non-native package

On Saturday 10 May 2003 05:43 am, José Luis Tallón wrote:
> It needs to be able to run cdrecord / mkisofs / growisofs / ...  and access
> the devices with the unprivileged user it runs as.
> Your approach would help if the upstream did not check the permissions to
> ensure they are SUID root, mode 4750.
> I don't think it would be polite nor effective to include an enormous patch
> in the first released version of the package, just to work this around.

Your conservatism is appreciated, but this behavior is really sub-optimal.  
Removing this check -should- be a fairly trivial patch, and upstream should 
be prodded accordingly.  Hopefully this can be fixed properly in some later 
version.  Good luck!

 - Keegan

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