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Re: First steps in packaging

Andrew Stribblehill wrote:

However, you're not that far yet, in that you probably don't have an
archive you can upload to. To get a package into Debian, it needs to
be sponsored, often by someone on this list.
Of course. I actually still have a lot to learn of the package format before I can create the actual package I will be submitting too. So far though I'm just happy to have created a freaking package ;-)

PS. Please be careful with your quoting. Your reply mistakenly
implied that I'd said the first paragraph, so I've re-attributed it.

Don't ask me how this happened. Only thing I can figure is that it's a result of me trying out several different e-mail packages attempting to find what I want to settle on. Trying to get away from Evolution due to the constant problems with 3+ IMAP accounts freezing.

PPS. Most people who read the Debian mailing lists are subscribed to
them. Mailing them as well as the list means they get two copies.
Being a cantankerous lot as a rule, we don't like this :)

Odd considering that so far most every reply that I've received (except yours of course) included two copies. And the fact that you can't just hit "reply" and have it go back to the list - it wants to only reply to the sender. I'm surprised the list doesn't set the reply-to field.


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