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Re: RFS: readpst - Converts Outlook PST files to mbox and others

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Matthew Palmer wrote:
> On Tue, 15 Apr 2003, Kenneth Pronovici wrote:
> > Sounds like a cool app.  However, what are the "legal issues" that have
> > caused upstream development to stop?  I think those probably need to be
> > clarified before your package can be uploaded to Debian (at least, I'd
> > personally want clarification before I could sponsor you).
> Very mysterious, that's for sure.  If it's really serious (what legal issue
> isn't?) upstream may be gagged from commenting (in any way, even "No
> Comment" can possibly be in breach of a court order).
> It seemed to me, though, from the wording of the on-hold message from Dave
> Smith that it might be a sourceforge-based issue:
> "Development and distribution of Libpst from Sourceforge is now on hold. 
> This is die to Legal issues."
> The interesting bit is "...from Sourceforge".  Perhaps it's only sourceforge
> which is causing the trouble.  If that's the case, I'm willing to throw
> upstream a bone and host it myself.  Of course, if it's a "libpst is in
> breach of our bullshit patent #DEADBEEF" problem, then he's dead in the
> water no matter what.

I posted a "clarification" from upstream about this to the BTS -- see
the ITP (bug #178113) <http://bugs.debian.org/178113>.  It doesn't seem
(to me) that there is any _real_ legal issues -- perhaps mailing -legal
is the right thing to do...

Of course, if it turns out that the problem is sourceforge itself, we
could host the project on alioth, no?

Joe Nahmias, DD wannabe
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