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Re: Howdy! Just a note to say I'm here

> Quoting Tony Maro <tony@maro.net> (2003-04-15 03:33:39 BST):
> You're still better off building from source even if your software
> doesn't use a Makefile. Just think "Do whatever is necessary to
> compile" where the docs say "make" and "Get your software to install
> into debian/<pkgname>/" where it says "make DESTDIR=$(PKGNAME)
> install".

Excellent info, thanks!  I've succeeded in creating (and installing) my
first test package.

I was reading the docs and it describes how to upload the i386 package...
not mentioning the other files.  If I created my package this way, does it
somehow adversely affect the package to be uploaded?

I can't see that it does, just wanted to make sure.


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