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Re: help with kernel module source

mody@atlas.cz writes:

> I have some source code of kernel module. It's a driver for my ISDN modem. I
> want to build this module with kernel in /usr/src/modules directory using
> make-kpkg.

Well, that's kind of complicated...

> So I modified the source code to used autoconf/automake and run
> `dh_make -k`. Fine till here. When I try
> `dpkg-buildparkage -us -uc -rfakeroot it` build the module, but failed when
> trying to copy something from driver/ directory. What should be in this
> directory?

...that's the wrong approach, if you want to use make-kpkg.  You might
want to look at the files in /usr/share/kernel-package, particularly
README.modules and sample.module.rules.  Another good thing to look at
might be the source for an existing Debian kernel module package.

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