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Re: Library with "demos", where should demos go?

Right, now I'm subscribed to this list again, so I'll keep up with the
more easily. Thanks for such a good response, all!

> Please tell us what your library is & what the examples are - it might
> make it easier.

I'm packaging OpenSceneGraph (www.openscenegraph.org, though that is
missing the documentation included with the source, I think. I have
thrown "introduction.html" and "demos.html" from the source on
http://people.debian.org/~hvdm/ - sorry about not bothering with the
images. The examples include a "scene graph viewer", probably the most
"useful" app, the rest appear to be more demo-only.

> I guess the best answer is to look at what other libraries do.
> One of note which places files in /usr/bin is the gtk-demo example
> program. Most others (which I know of) seem to only have sources for the
> examples - are the binaries really required?

Crystalspace demos are installed in /usr/games, despite not being

I will probably be packaging 2.2 megs of compressed data files, and
providing these, but not binaries that use them, seems a little,

The data consists of images, scene graphs and fonts, it seems - I guess
I'll have to check up on the licenses though, I see, amongst others:


and I recall there being a general lack of good quality free fonts, so
I'm a little suspicious... I guess I should investigate what data I
can leave out, if all that is really important is to get the demos to
run. Possibly substitute fonts already in Debian.

I also wondered if I should be calling the packages
libopenscenegraph-*, or just openscenegraph-* - even if going with the
former, I wonder about the demo's package, openscenegraph-demos vs
libopenscenegraph-demos. And openscenegraph-data?

Another interesting point: I may have to write wrappers for these
examples to set up e.g. OSG_FILE_PATH (or something like that), so
even if I do go for /usr/bin, I guess these wrappers belong there,
while the actual binaries should be elsewhere ... in
/usr/lib/OpenSceneGraph/bin ? (With the demo code in
/usr/lib/OpenSceneGraph/src/, with symlink from share/doc, or rather
directly in src?)

If I go with source-only demos, then it probably works best in the
-doc package?

I will hopefully have some half-decent packages up this weekend, then
I'll post again for comments if there is interest - I will then also
mention it on the OSG list and hear what the OSG-regulars have to say
about the demos. The libraries do not have "sonames" at the moment.

BTW, I heard somewhere that GIF is becoming "Free" this month? For the
time being I'm building without GIF support. I guess I should mention
this somewhere, rather README.Debian than the package's description?

Hugo van der Merwe
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