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Re: request for sponsor: GtkSpell

On Tue, 2002-07-16 at 10:36, Ari Pollak wrote:
> Yeah, I am registered as a New Maintainer, but the process takes a while 
> and I've been on "Waiting for DAM to approve blah blah" for more than a 
> month now. I'm registered under compwiz@bigfoot.com. I've uploaded 
> updated packages which close the ITP bug - I didn't increment the 
> revision, since that would seem pointless.

That's fine.  Actually, the first time I looked at your package, I only
casually glanced through the Debian diff, and it looked ok.  However,
there are a few little things (and one big thing) that I noticed on a
second pass.

The major one is that your Build-Depends: are incorrect; at least
libgtk2.0-dev is missing.  To test this, I highly recommend using
"pbuilder" to build your packages in a clean chroot.  I often forget
about this too, so don't sweat it :)

The other little things are basically the same issues that Bastien
Nocera raised in the thread "metacity-setup .debs" on debian-gtk-gnome;
you have usr/sbin in the .dirs file, but don't actually put any files
there.  Also, I'd remove the commented out dh_foo lines from

Finally, you are patching config.sub in your Debian diff; that's fine,
but please push upstream to update it, so you don't have to.

Thanks for making this package, it looks pretty neat.  If you can fix
these things I'll get it uploaded right away.

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