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Re: nvrec and possible problems?

Marc Leeman <marc.leeman@advalvas.be> writes:

> OK, contrib/x11 it is then, ...
> But is this a good location? Can it be in contrib, since it is not
> possible to package (binary) versions of those packages:

contrib is for packages that depend on other stuff outside of Debian.
It doesn't matter /why/ this stuff is not in Debian.

> I could strip it down of course (removing e.g. divx4rec), but this would
> make the tools seriously handicapped. If this would be the only
> solution, and I hope not, it would make little sense (in my view) to
> package this since this tool would only offer about 10% of the full
> functiononality.

Leave it at 100% and in contrib, then.


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