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Re: Checking for installed package-alternative in a wrapper-skript

On Sat, Jun 22, 2002 at 07:18:28PM -0500, Steve Langasek wrote:
> On Sat, Jun 22, 2002 at 07:08:00PM +0200, Andreas Metzler wrote:
>> Is there some canonical fast way to check in a script whether inn,
>> inn2 or cnews is installed on the system?

>> I need to know it in newsx's wrapper skript to set the correct
>> options. Until now I've used
>> if [ -e /usr/share/doc/inn/copyright ] ...
>> which works well, but breaks policy 13.3. I would have liked to check
>> for existence of /var/lib/dpkg/info/$package.list, but this'll still
>> be there if the package is deinstalled but not purged.

>> I'd rather not check for some files in the package like
>> /usr/lib/news/input/newsrun vs. /usr/sbin/ctlinnd because they tend
>> to be moved around, and calling dpkg'd be slow.
> What do you do differently depending on which of these packages are
> installed?  The best way to handle it is by directly testing for
> *exactly* those parts of the package that you use -- that is, if you
> invoke a different program for each of the packages, look for the exact
> binary.

Good advise, but not that simple in the special case, which is
probably the reason I did not think of it myself.
I do some things:
* use either /etc/news/newsfeeds or /etc/news/sys  (darn, a conffile)
* use option --inn or --cnews (changes how newsx works internally, ie.
  what and where to lock, where to move failed postings, etc.)
* where to place lockfiles /var/run/news, /var/run/innd, etc.
* where to look for outgoing/incoming directory.
* where to look for the spool /var/spool/news/{,articles} (obsolete, only
  needed for inn2 <= 2.2)

> Checking for anything in /usr/share/doc is not kosher; policy requires
> that you not depend on anything in that directory for a package to
> function correctly.

I know, see above, that's why I asked.

> Checking for actual features that are going to be
> used is always the safest solution -- and often the most efficient.

        newsfeeds               lock            outgoing
cnews:  /etc/news/sys           /usr/lib/news   /vspn/out.going/spoolname/togo
inn     /etc/news/newsfeeds     /var/run/innd   /vspn/.outgoing (not shipped in deb)
inn2    /etc/news/newsfeeds     /var/run/news   /vspn/outgoing (.outgoing exists, too)

Because iirc inn1 once shipped symlinks for out.going, I am not going
to use it and'll probably use
/var/run/innd --> inn
/var/spool/news/articles  --> inn2
/usr/lib/news/config --> cnews.

Thanks to you and all the other suggestions! I like your solution best
because it is the most straightforward one and does not require
calling dpkg or reading the 1 MB sized status-file.
          thanks, cu andreas
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