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Re: sponsor wanted

Oohara Yuuma <oohara@libra.interq.or.jp> wrote:

> * I don't sponsor anyone who is not in the NM queue or
>   who doesn't have a GPG key signed by a Debian developer.

Well, so I assume you never sponsor anyone since it appears to me that
one needs a sponsor before applying as a NM (if the NM task targetted at
is maintaining packages of course).

Quoting <http://nm.debian.org/newnm.php>:

| If you intend to package software, do you have a Debian package you have
| adopted or created ready to show your AM? [...] You may want to get
| sponsorship to achieve this goal. Click here for more information on the
| sponsorship system.
| [...]
| PLEASE NOTE: If you are unable to answer "yes" to all of the questions
| asked, you are not yet ready to apply to the New Maintainer process.

Looks like a chicken-and-egg problem if one doesn't get sponsored as
long as one is not in the NM queue.


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