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Searching sponsor or advocate for cban and SnortSnarf

Hi mentors,
I'm working with two ITP packages:

ITP: cban - display network traffic with mrtg 

  This package read network device traffic using a job 
  in /etc/cron.d/, then generates web reports under 
  a specified docroot [/var/www/]
  I think it's useful to determine "global" bandwidth usage 
  to tailor the "numbers" when the next year you 
  will renew the contract with your carrier :)

  License: GPL
  Here is a snapshot:
  And here my package:

ITP: SnortSnarf - display web reports from the snort IDS logs

  This package provide Silicondefense's snortsnarf.pl script
  and another bash script I wrote to rotate, archive and display
  web reports.

  License: GPL

  Here you can find an example demo:

  And here my package:

I have a DD signed gpg key.

I readed:
-Debian Social Contract  
-Debian New Maintainer's Guide

I'm reading:
-Debian Developer's Reference
-Debian Packaging Manual

I'd like to find an advocate or a sponsor to become a DD.

Any help, feedback, suggestion is very appreciated :)
Thanks in advance and happy dpkging ;)

Fabio Pedrazzoli      | www.bee-side.com | www.rigadicomando.org
Network Administrator | IT Consultant    | GNU/Linux
1024D/4B5DF2FD 594C F51B E7A7 8391 F0E8  49CE 9FFA B2C1 4B5D F2FD

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