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Re: Request for sponsor for package romeo

Shaun Jackman <sjackman@shaw.ca> writes:

> Is there a good reason to use docbook to write the man page? I find it a 
> little cumbersome. I tried it briefly, but I think I'll stick to groff. 
> Before I do this though, I wanted to know of any advantages to using docbook.

The main difference is that docbook (like good html, latex, ...) is
logical markup, i.e. you identify what each part of your text *is*,
while groff is mostly physical markup in that you define how each part
of your text should *look*.

Like with logical vs physical adressing, and so many other levels of
indirection used in computer science this brings an added benefit:
you can change the style of your document with very little effort.

Physical markup is ok for short manpages, but bigger documents are
better written with logical markup. From this point of view it may
not make much difference for you. If you want to include your manpages
in a bigger manual later, docbook makes more sense, IMHO.


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