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Re: Help on policy

On Mon, Nov 26, 2001 at 09:28:47AM +0100, Falco Cesare wrote:
> What would be best?
> 1. A non-free debian package including both sources and needed roms
> 2. Two debian packages: a contrib one including the source and a non-free
> one with the roms only

i'd go the latter route. if there are any DFSG free ROM's, then the DFSG
free ROMS and the emulator can be main.

now, to speak of your copyright issue, for example, linus owns the
copyright to the linux kernel. the free software foundation owns the
copyright to the GNU utilities.  if the copyright ownership is the only
thing that prevents the ROM's from being DFSG free, then consider that a
moot point. not having read the license of the ROM's in question, i
cannot tell you if that is the case or not.

if you have questions, ask debian-legal, if you have not already.


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