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modifying package config files with another package??

hello all,

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we are using a debian based linux distribution in a commercial product, and maintain our own apt-archive for the embedded systems to upgrade..

the system is comprised of stock-standard debian + site specific mods + our packages.. the problem being we dont want to lose our config files all the time, and dont want to have to modify/rebuild every standard debian package to our site specific config..

i implemented a horriblely ugly hack involving a special package which maintains all our site specific mods to standard debian packages.. when installed it saves all the old config files, and replaces them with our site specific modifications via a few bash scripts.. yeah, yeah.. pretty foul way of doing it.. :)

dpkg-divert can divert the config files so they wont be replaced, but it doesnt help the fact that the config files have to be maintained/changed/upgraded every now and then by us depending on the site involved.. we want to do this using "apt" and not some proprietary file upgrade scenario..

the real question is: is there a nice way of doing this?? have i missed a huge function within Debian?? (probably :)

another question i have.. we need to rapidly create multiple file systems.. is there anything like ghost for debian?? just put in a floppy and the system will download and configure straight from our archive??

cheers for any help..


ps. please CC.

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