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Re: packaging HTML, CGIs, etc.

* Britton 

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| > | - install the files into "/var/www/openwebschool"
| >
| > reasonable
| What is our policy regarding /var/www?  I sort of thought this was a place
| where local sys admins could install their sites without worrying about
| bumping into packages.

from Debian Policy, 12.5. Web servers and applications

     3.   Web Document Root

          Web Applications should try to avoid storing files in the Web
          Document Root.  Instead they should use the
          /usr/share/doc/<package> directory for documents and register the
          Web Application via the menu package.  If access to the web
          document root is unavoidable then use
          as the Document Root.  This might be just a symbolic link to the
          location where the system administrator has put the real document


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