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Re: Packaging xmlrpc-c

Ardo van Rangelrooij <ardo@debian.org> writes:

> >   5) xmlrpc-c includes its own copy of expat (under a different soname) for
> >      binary compatibility with other Linux versions.  I'd prefer not to
> >      change this, because it would make it hard for my users to build
> >      binaries that worked on more than one distro.
> Well, as maintainer of the expat and libxmltok packages I would
> really appreciate it if you could make an effort to use the
> standalone copy.

What he said! It avoids code duplication, is more elegant, and most
importantly: it won't lock users into a particular library version,
needlessly. What if I want to use your library, and a modern version
of libexpat in the same program? As long as you include your own expat
version, this will either simply break, or work with some tricks, at
the cost of increased memory footprint.

For an example of real life breakage, look at apache. It gratuitously
includes its own "expat-lite" library. Once you use it together with
mod_perl and some perl XML stuff (which in turn depends on a recent
libexpat): segfault.


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