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porting problem and how to request help

Some weeks ago I received Bug#96254 on one of my package: ocaml-xstr,
the problem is a build failure on a m68k machine. The reason is that a
package needed in ocaml-xstr compilation named ocaml-findlib, does not
work well on a m68k architecture.
I forwarded the problem to the upstream author and I told me that he
does not like to solve architecture specific problem, OTOH I do not have
time and knowledge to debug problems on m68k arch.

How can I solve the problem? May I ask for help on debian-devel or on
debian-m68k ML?

Cause the problem is related to another package, may I close the bug on
ocaml-xstr and fill a new one against ocaml-findlib?


	- Zack -

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