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Re: first questions

Andreas Bombe <andreas.bombe@munich.netsurf.de> writes:

> It's just that making the package non-native makes it easier to
> handle unless it's really a native package (i.e. written
> specifically for Debian).

YMMV, obviously. I find it easier to maintain quintuple-agent without
Debian subversions; "native" if you will.

> For a native package, a small bug in packaging requires a whole new
> release.  If it's not a Debian-specific package, you inflict a new
> version number on all the users outside of Debian who feel compelled to
> download the new release to stay on the edge.

You're not forced to put the new version up for download outside of
Debian. Or you can point out in the release notes that the changes are
only relevant if you use the Debian package.

quintuple-agent in Debian is at 1.0.3 while the "upstream"
distribution point still has 1.0.0. Now, who said that Debian has only
outdated versions, huh?


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