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using conditionals in autoconf/automake

Hello all,

I need help with stuff regarding a configure.in and a Makefile.am, I'm
stucked trying to find a way to make the 'make install' command
conditionally install some files.

I want it to test if GNOME is available (it is being done in configure),
if it is, make install will install aditional pics and applet configuration
files... if not, it won't install, how do I do it?

Another thing: what is needed to add an applet to gnome? I copied the
prg_appplet.desktop to /usr/share/applets/Network but it doesn't appear
in the selection menu.. I start the applet and next time I enter gnome
it seems not to know how to start it again so it doesn't apper (just as
a foot I mean)...

thanks for any help =)


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