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Re: Does debhelper handle build-indep ?

I should probably shut up about this, but something has always
bugged me (which means I'm probably doing it wrong).

Take for example /usr/share/doc/debhelper/examples/rules.multi,
The targets are like so:

binary-indep: build install

binary-arch: build install

Both `binary-indep` and `binary-arch` depend on the build
target.  Why would you want to do a build (which will have
arch-specific components) for `binary-indep` ?

In my rules file for the gri package:


 the `binary-indep` does not depend on the `build` target (I use
other targets to build the docs).  The Build-Depends-Indep line
then does not have any entries to make the build target.  This
has the advantage that building an arch-specific binary package
does not waste CPU cycles building docs in the `build` target.

Perhaps I'm doing it wrong, but it seems to work well enough.


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