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Re: forwarding bugs

On Wed, 23 May 2001, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:

> I have forwarded a bug to an upstream maintainer doing the following:
>   mail to the upstream maintainter
>   cc to <bug#>-forwarder@bugs.debian.org
>   cc to the bug reporter
> I have also received a mail from owner@bugs.debian.org that told me that
> the bug has been signed as forwarded.
> But on my personal bugs page (bugs.debian.org/zack@debian.org) the bug
> is still marker as outstanding.
> Is this a delay or I have to do somethin else mailin
> control@bugs.debian.org ?

It would help if you told us the bug number you are talking about.

Index pages (by mntner, by package etc) are updated only every 4 or so

A bug's individual page (bugs.debian.org/nnnn) should be updated
as soon as mails are processed by the BTS (which is not immediatly when
mail arrives but only a few times per hours iirc). So by the time you
receive an ACK, the page should be up2date.


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