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Packaging of Misterhouse


I am working on packaging Misterhouse (http://www.misterhouse.net), a home
automation program written entirely in perl.  This program has no makefile
for installing, you just unzip, untar and go.

Question 1:  Will I have to change the install routine to use 'make' even
though it is not really needed, or can I somehow have dpkg just copy the
text files to the appropriate directories?

Also, this program makes use of several shared scripts that are eval'ed by
the misterhouse engine when the program is run.  Users of the program write
their own and usually store these in a private directory and use some that
come with the distribution.  These can be thought of as "config files," but
I doubt they should go under /etc.

Question 2:  Where should the user-defined scripts go so they will survive
upgrades and where should the scripts that come with the distribution go?

There is a name conflict as the main program runs a perl script called 'mh'
and this conflicts with mail handler.

Question 3:  Is 'misterhouse' too long of a name?  Will the mh file need to
be renamed or just the package?

	Dave Mabe

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