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Re: .deb packages including kernel modules?

Marc Haber wrote:
> Hi,
> can anybody recommend an existing package with a kernel module that I
> can use as model for "my" internal package for the e100.o driver from
> Intel?
> Do I see correctly, that I can and should have my package Depend: on
> kernel-image-$version to be sure to be reminded to update the kernel
> module as well when I update the kernel?
> Is there a policy document about packages that contain kernel modules?

It seems to me that the best packages to model on would be things like alsa, pcmcia
and i2c which all have a source package (so that people can compile their own
modules) and a modules package, with modules compiled against currently released

Using these as a model would mean that you could expect make-kpkg to work, which
would be essential, of course.

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