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web app packaging question

Hello all,
I am packaging the freeside isp billing and account management program.
This package consists largely of many (44) cgi scripts (which reference 
each other often) spread into several subdirectories. Some of the
scripts have the same name (for example, view/cust_bill.cgi and
search/cust_bill.cgi). Debian policy states that cgi scripts should be 
placed in /usr/lib/cgi. I am guessing that I am not allowed to create
subdirectories in here as apache would no longer view the scripts as
So, I guess I would have to edit all of the scripts to remove the subdir 
entries as well as rename some so that they no longer conflict with each 
other and then just place them all directly in /usr/lib/cgi?

Or, am I allowed to just create /var/www/freeside, and drop all cgi
scripts and html docs as they are in here? (and instruct the user to
edit the apache config to allow all .cgi files to be executed)

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