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Re: USA crypto rules and libssl-dependent packages

>>"Jimmy" == Jimmy Kaplowitz <jimmy@kaplowitz.org> writes:

 Jimmy> That would be easier. I did sort of want to keep a Makefile in
 Jimmy> place that is called Makefile, so that a simple "make" command
 Jimmy> still works, but I guess that could be taken care of by a
 Jimmy> symlink. Thanks for the suggestion. 

	You misunderstand. You still have a Makefile, and it has
	$(MAKE) -f Makefile.with.ssl 
        $(MAKE) -f Makefile.without
binary: binary-ssl binary-no-ssl

	The top makefile is what arranges to build the ssl and no ssl
 binaries in sequence, or build one, ot the other. No symlinks. No
 sed. No copying back and forth. 

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