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Re: perl modules - building debs

On Fri, May 11, 2001 at 10:22:16AM -0400, Derek E Mart wrote:
> OK, perhaps someone can answer this question. I looked at an existing
> module package and tried to make my mangled mess look the same.
> The build halts and I get the following message every time:
> dpkg-gencontrol: warning: unknown substitution variable ${perl:Depends}
> When I replace perl:Depends with perl5, it completes the process,
> however, everything is in the package accept for the module itself.

But this is incorrect.  See the Perl Policy (now included in the
debian-policy package), it explains how to do it.

If you are using debhelper, make sure you Build-Depends(-Indep) on
debhelper (>= 3.0.18) and include a call to dh_perl in your
debian/rules file.  See /usr/share/doc/debhelper/examples/rules for
where to put it.



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